Thursday, October 23, 2008

Planning Election Night

In a move of inspired cockiness, Robert Farley combines recent state-level polling with the state poll closing times to estimate that Obama will have passed 270 electoral votes by 9pm EST, or 7pm here in Denver. I'm not even supposed to be at my election returns watching party until 8.


Anonymous said...

I guess you better go early...? ;-)

Eric Rubin said...

its ok sethro. i'll take an obama victory over a spoiled results party any day.

one more thing. isn't calling someone an elitist kinda like disparaging yourself. "that west coast media elite." so what does that make you - not elite. so i guess the question begs, when did elite become a bad word? tiger woods is elite. we root for him because he is the best, smartest guy on the course. we dont root for the guy who never makes the cut because he reminds us of ourselves, do we?

i want my president to be elite, not some schmuck they pulled outta nowhere who happen to spend some time as a prisoner of war. give me the harvard lawyer any day.

Seth Masket said...

Actually, Eric, it's worse than you describe it. McCain wasn't just some schmuck. He's the son and grandson of admirals. He attended Annapolis through their pull. He married a beer heiress. So I think it's fair to describe both Obama and McCain as elites. The difference is, Obama got to that status on his own merits. The path from being a poor, mixed-race, fatherless kid in Hawaii to becoming a Harvard graduate and a U.S. Senator is not a well worn one.