Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Running against veeps

Today I was showing my students this ad, a pretty nasty attack Dukakis ran against Dan Quayle back in '88. The basic idea is that presidents die, Quayle's a bonehead, and Bush made a huge mistake in naming him his number two.

I asked my students if they though Obama could run a similar sort of ad against Palin today. Most seemed to feel there'd be a backlash. It would be seen as vicious, maybe sexist.

And then I was shocked to find that an interest group has just put out such an add. The California Nurses Association is running an ad showing McCain flatlining (these are nurses, mind you) while we're introduced to extremist stances by Palin.

Yeah, I'm calling this one over the top.

(h/t ColoradoPols)

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