Sunday, March 1, 2009

Traffic is weird

My son and I left at 6:30 AM yesterday to get up to Winter Park for a day of skiing. I figured we'd get there by 8 or 8:30. More like 9:30. I-70 was a parking lot. We were reduced to about 10 mph for about 45 minutes. I assumed it was just ski traffic.

Nope. Right near Georgetown, we passed by three big-horned sheep grazing by the side of the road. Traffic picked up to 70 mph right after that. Yes, traffic was at a stand-still because people wanted to see the sheep.

Now, I grant you that these are cool animals, and they're usually pretty difficult to see. But I was still kinda pissed.

But this got me thinking... I didn't particularly care to slow down to see the sheep. But I had to because others did. Probably the vast majority of the drivers were in my boat, forced to slow down because of the interests of a pivotal minority. How many drivers does it actually take to make an entire freeway slow down to a crawl? Probably not too many. And yes, I know this is the stuff that kept Campbell Scott's character up at nights in "Singles."

All the more reason to take the Supertrain.


Anonymous said...

First of all, if they want to look at the sheep, they should pay the $8 and drive up Mt Evans, there are alot more of them.

Second, the Skitrain is the coolest thing ever invented! It was the only thing that impressed me when I moved to CO from DC in high school.

Seth Masket said...

Okay, I'll try the skitrain.