Saturday, May 2, 2009

Condi grilled by student

It would be nice to see an administration official face this sort of scrutiny a) while she's in office; and b) by a reporter or member of Congress rather than a Stanford undergrad.


Josh Putnam said...

Opinions run the gamut on this exchange apparently:

Condi Rice Schools a College Punk

Anonymous said...

even better

Seth Masket said...

Let me revise my previous remarks. It would be nice for an administration official to be questioned like this by a reporter or a member of Congress, instead of a fourth grader.

Eric Rubin said...

could she have been more condescending to that reporter? Jeez!

It seems like her answers implicated her more than exonerated her. Even though she made the reporter feel dumb, he may get the last laugh when this is all over.

I never knew how much i hated Condi until watching this clip. it made my skin crawl.

bin laden kills 3000 americans so we invade a country under falty intelligence and kill 50,000 civilians? she deserves to be put in jail for the rest of her life.

Jeremy Montano said...

I hope that fourth grade kid becomes a reporter one day. There might be hope for the press after all.

Lidzville said...

Finally, someone hits on a way to save the US media: hire elementary school students for a $5/wk allowance.