Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fantasy GOP

I'm still working on that lecture on the future of the GOP, but it looks like the Washington Times isn't doing me any favors. This article (thank you, Coloradopols) is filled with all sorts of fantastical claims about how well positioned the GOP is now that they're unpopular and out of power. The Colorado Independent takes care of some of the more obvious problems with the article, such as the claim that Colorado had two Democratic senators last year (it didn't) and the claim that Republican leaders like competitive primaries (they don't). But my favorite quote has to be this one from former Gov. Owens:
"One of the prerequisites for victory is to go through a defeat," said Mr. Owens, who served two terms as governor in the Republicans' heyday from 1998 to 2006. "I would have preferred it not happen, but that definitely lays the groundwork for victory."
Okay, does anyone know what he's talking about? Defeat lays the groundwork for victory? Defeat is a prerequisite for victory? I mean, let's just grant that some day -- maybe years or decades from now -- the Republicans will again be the majority party. Does anyone think that's because they're out of power now? Oh, wait, here's more from Bill:
"Being in the minority focuses the mind," Mr. Owens said. "It allows us to bring new people into the coalition and reminds us we have more in common with each other than we do with the Democrats."
Yes, you get the pleasure of bringing new people into the coalition. Of course, it might have been nice not to lose those people in the first place.

This logic seems familiar.

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Joe said...

He may be thinking of "All the Kings Men."
(from memory)
"You lost. Why are you smiling?"
"Because I just learned how to win."