Monday, October 26, 2009

Our political discourse suffers from a dearth of Rush songs

Robert Farley is right. Rand Paul's U.S. Senate campaign in Kentucky may be one of the best campaigns ever.


Anonymous said...

Rand Paul is for the people, unless you want a National ID card and create a North American Union and see an economic collapse far worse than the great depression. Vote for Rand Paul he speaks the truth and the media and government is afraid of him. This is the last honest politician left to bring this country out of this rut from the war profiteers and Obama administration has created. Get motivated America, don't believe the lies of the media! Go Rand Paul! Value freedom and liberty instead of corporate lies and corruption. Bypass this media blackout they are doing to Rand Paul, tell your family and friends and get involved in the official Rand Paul 2010 campaign and make your voice heard! He will end the war In Iraq immediately, He will do everything he can to eliminate the IRS and wasteful government spending, and expose the Federal Reserve and restore power to the people. Can any other runner make these claims or give Americans the true freedom we were all raised to believe? We are all economic slaves to the banks and the illegal Federal Reserve. This is why our currency is worth nothing because of the hidden inflation tax and also the IRS taking everything you make!


Rand Paul will NEVER vote:

* to raise taxes
* for an unbalanced budget
* to raise congressional pay
* for a federal restriction on gun ownership
* to increase the power of the executive branch

He WILL vote:

* against the Iraq war
* against the inappropriately named USA PATRIOT act
* against regulating the internet
* against the Military Commissions Act

Video Rand Paul Goes Head to Head With the Establishment at Fancy Farm
High: Must See:

He will eliminate the IRS, wasteful government spending & stop The Iraq war immediately! Most importantly, he will vote NO on anything in Congress that is not allowed by the U.S. Constitution. And he despises any politician that does not do their job for the people and does not live up to our Constitution! & Search: "Rand Paul" Kentucky needs a real Senator that will restore and protect Americans! Stop the war! Protect America's borders!

****VOTE RAND PAUL 2010****

Anonymous said...

Go Rand Paul!

I went Rand Paul this morning.

Seth Masket said...

How does one go Rand Paul? By sitting in one's room and listening to illegally downloaded Rush albums?

Oh, and how does a single U.S. senator "stop the Iraq war immediately"?

Anonymous said...

I was attempting to make a joke equating "go Rand Paul" with "go poop."

Seth Masket said...

Oh, I thought you were going Galt. Well, now we can do both.

Eric Rubin said...

i just took a rand paul too. it was delightful

Lidzville said...

He's quoting Canadians, what with their red diaper doctors, this can't end well.