Friday, October 31, 2008

The infomercial

Am I the only one who just wasn't all that impressed by Obama's 30-minute ad buy on Wednesday night? I mean, the production value was very high (it did look like an episode of Friday Night Lights), the profiles of the struggling families were good, and the live speech part was nice. But a lot of it was just his biographic film, which is great, but was already seen by pretty much everyone during the convention. Plus, there just wasn't much new in there (except that he's apparently now giving you a tax cut if you make less than $200,000, rather than $250,000 -- why isn't McCain exploiting that?).

Now, I get the reason for not putting much new in there. Obama's got his message down. It's gotten through and it's working. He's ahead. There's no need for him to shake stuff up at this point. It's just a matter of closing the deal, restating his message and keeping it professional. And he certainly did that. But I guess I was just hoping for more sizzle.


Eric Rubin said...

you want sizzle? go buy some bacon.

I wasn't expecting much. We haven't seen anything new for a while now and I didn't think he would drop the bomb on us 5 days before the election. I think the ad buy was just an attempt to reach those people who haven't been paying attention to the election. I know they are out there and they probably watch those sitcom/reality shows that are on from 8-8:30 on fox/nbc/abce ... you know, dumb people.

except for Survivor - that show rocks.

AnnM said...


What he said. ^

saribotton said...

I thought the deal was always that if you made less than $200K, you got a tax break, and if you made between $200K and $250K, your taxes just didn't go up. I feel like I've heard him explain that a few times.