Thursday, October 23, 2008

Premature Musgrave withdrawal

Republican strategy in the final days of this election season continues to baffle me. Word has it that the NRCC has pulled its funding for Rep. Marilyn Musgrave in Colorado's 4th CD. Musgrave has always run worse that she should have in what's usually a pretty conservative district, and maybe they're just tired of defending her. Also, her opponent, Betsy Markey, is pretty sharp.

But this race shouldn't be over. I haven't seen this week's polling, but the most recent ones I saw had this race pretty tight, and Musgrave is usually a strong closer. I'd be curious to see the NRCC's calculations in writing this one off.

I'd bet the Republicans would really like to have another $150,000 to throw around in some competitive races right now.


Anonymous said...

Two things: First, if Musgrave goes down, I'm going to dance a Snoopy dance. She's not only a disgusting culture warrior but also a lousy Representative, a legislator who often ignores her home district while seeking the national spotlight (though, in fairness, she apparently has gotten better about this). Second, it seems pretty clear that internal polling is suggesting that Colorado is looking pretty blue this time around. Maybe this is because of Obama; maybe it's just a continuation of a trend that started while I still lived there (Can I take credit? I think so.) Regardless, the NRCC wouldn't be bugging out without any reason at all. Unless I'm wrong.

Seth Masket said...

Ari, if it's causation you seek, I'd point out that Democrats didn't start winning in Colorado until a few months after I moved here.

I have some pity for Betsy Markey. Should she unseat Musgrave, she'll be at the top of the GOP's payback list for 2010. But I've been impressed in the few encounters I've had with her. She seems to like a fight.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to share the credit with you -- if you insist.