Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Guns on board

Via Robert Farley, I learn that Rush Limbaugh is opposed to putting weapons on board merchant vessels to prevent piracy. And his reasoning -- that weapons make mutinies a lot more likely -- is totally sound.

Yet I remember a scene from "The Perfect Storm" in which the crew accidentally hooks a shark and brings it on deck. Coaxing a shark off the deck proves difficult, and since it's trying to eat everyone, George Clooney grabs a shotgun and pumps some daylight into the shark's tiny brain. That seemed like a good call to me. But is it common for small commercial fishing vessels to carry shotguns? I'd guess that the captains of such ships have to make a lot of unpleasant calls that put the other crew members in danger. Isn't an armed mutiny a possibility there, too?


Anonymous said...

A simpler explanation is that Rush wants the sharks to win.

Lidzville said...

I've sailed only a little, but having untrained people shooting guns on a boot seems more likely to blow holes in the boat than to protect it. Surely there's a better way to solve this problem than by going the Wild West route.