Sunday, April 12, 2009

New recommended news site

I'd just like to call my readers' attention to an interesting new site called True/Slant. To be honest, I'm not sure whether to call it a webzine or a blog or what. But it covers a wide range of political and cultural topics and the quality of reporting is very high. I get the impression that the writers at True/Slant would be among the better correspondents at many American newspapers if those newspapers still existed. It has many of the qualities that first drew me to sites like Salon and Slate back in the 90s, but it has not yet become annoying like those publications did.

My old friend Marc Herman has a page on this site. Marc is someone with a great deal of knowledge about many obscure topics, and this site is a great outlet for him. I'd particularly refer you to his recent post about why Americans should care about Indonesia's recent election and his post showing some fascinating maps and aerial photos related to modern piracy. I guarantee that you will learn something new about some topic that you did not expect to care about.

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