Sunday, April 26, 2009

He said, he said

The AP has some nice vacuous crap about environmental legislation currently being considered by the House Energy and Commerce Committee.
"I have read all 648 pages of this bill," Gore bragged, a boast that would surprise no one who caught his teacher's-pet performance in the 2000 presidential race. "It took me two transcontinental flights on United Airlines to finish it."
Also not surprising, Gore endorsed the bill.
Gingrich, who opposes the bill, said he had read a bit more than 200 pages, until he got to a reference about a Jacuzzi. That was enough, he said, calling the legislation an energy tax and a power grab for the Energy Department.
Both men settled back into the camera-hogging, hyperbolic styles they had honed during their days of power in Washington.
Can we just stipulate that Gore's a know-it-all and Gingrich is a hothead and move on from there? Like, was one of them actually right about the legislation? We certainly wouldn't know it from this article.

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Lidzville said...

If it makes you feel any better, that reporter should be getting laid off any day now.