Monday, April 27, 2009

More CA budget politics

In an interesting development, the California Democratic Party failed to endorse Proposition 1A, which is one of the state government's latest efforts to shore up its financial stability by capping spending and prolonging some sales taxes. The politics on this one are odd, with Democratic leaders in the legislature working closely with Gov. Schwarzenegger to craft it, but prominent unions like the California Faculty Association opposing it.

This is turning out to be a classic coalition of extremes. I'm guessing there are enough union voters and conservative Republicans in the state to kill this initiative next month. Stay tuned.


ari said...

If it goes down, they're cutting my salary by 10%. Or so says the grapevine. Brother, can you spare a dime?

Seth Masket said...

If it goes down, they'll have to work some other crazy compromise, and more incumbents will be threatened by activists. This may increase my book sales. So, yes, I might have a dime to spare.