Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oink oink

We've got swine flu here in Colorado! According to the Post, the disease struck a baggage handler at DIA and a woman in Arapahoe County who recently traveled to Mexico.

The rumor on campus is that the University will go into flu mode if one case shows up on campus. That means we finish out the quarter using on-line technology; chat rooms, discussion boards, video conferencing, etc. Campus will otherwise be pretty much shut down. I'm wondering if students will be allowed to go home or will be confined to their dorms.

Again, this is all rumor so far -- no specific instructions from the administration yet other than to wash hands a lot. I'd better go do that.


Kim Dionne said...

that picture is f'ing hilarious. you totally made my day.

Seth Masket said...

I must credit Kyle Saunders for that one.