Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fantasy political scenarios

Over at Sullivan's blog, Jonathan Bernstein is starting a list of fantasy scenarios conjured up by political journalists and junkies.  You know, things that sound cool but in fact make no sense.  This includes a politician who says what he really means, a live filibuster, and a brokered convention.  Personally, I'd add to this the idea of a truly nonpartisan leader who can lead a state to greatness because he's not wedded to a party.  Also, the idea of a Unity presidential ticket that finds the least exciting ideas of both political parties and pairs up people like Lowell Weicker and Dick Lamm to advance them.

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Jeff Smith said...

Agreed. On the fantasy of a non- or trans-partisan leader, I humbly recommend my recent book The Presidents We Imagine, especially pages 223ff: