Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Slow summer links

I haven't been posting much lately, as you've probably noticed, but I do occasionally see some good links. Here are a few:
  • There are some great details about New York's gay marriage vote in this NYT piece. John Sides expands a bit here and here on what the vote means for political science, particularly the part about the Republican-controlled state senate allowing a vote on which Republicans got rolled.
  • Chris Matthews predicts that Michele Bachmann will beat Mitt Romney in New Hampshire. I assume he's trying to distract us from his prediction that Donald Trump would actually run for president.
  • Reihan Salam explains that running modest deficits is actually good public policy a lot of the time.
  • Jonathan Bernstein notes that the downside of being a country that doesn't back down from a fight is being a country that can be goaded into stupid, self-destructive conflicts.
  • I can't remember who recommended this to me, but the History of Rome podcast series is great.
  • "Usher of the Black Rod" is an actual job title. And the man who holds it is very busy.
  • New Jersey Governor Chris Christie orders flags to be flown at half mast in honor of Clarence Clemons. Here's one of the Big Man's greatest solos:

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