Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The main problem with the Nazis was *not* universal health care

That point is probably wasted on the person who made this graphic:

I found the photo on the Facebook site "Can the Constitution get more fans than Obama?"  The mindset behind it escapes me completely, I'm afraid.

As I've mentioned previously, I really don't spend much time worrying about declining civility in political discourse.  But the image above is not discourse.  It's probably as close as you can come using visuals to advocating insurrection.

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Marc said...

The tea party types really echo the 80s abortion conflict for me, not just politically but in the asthetics. Remember those "clinic defense" near-riots every weekend? The Operation Rescue groups really liked to put massive photos of dismembered children in the hands of other children, then scream at the clinic people about how they hated kids. There's just a basic cognitive dissonance at work here. You've got to be pretty far gone to see a sunrise as scary, or imagine a fascist regime outside the pages of a comic book that tries to lull rather than intimidate.