Friday, March 5, 2010

More evidence of Romanoff's relative electabililty

As I mentioned previously, only one poll has confirmed my suspicion that Romanoff would stand a better chance than Bennet of keeping the U.S. Senate seat Democratic.  Well, now make that two.  This new Rasmussen survey finds presumed GOP nominee Jane Norton leading Bennet by nine but leading Romanoff by only two points (within the MoE).  This makes the February poll look like less of a glitch.

Now, it would increase our confidence if we could see a poll by a different polling firm -- there might be some sort of house effect with Rasmussen that favors Romanoff, although that seems unlikely.  Still, going into the precinct caucuses, this seems like Romanoff's strongest argument.

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Unknown said...

Romanoff's higher success against Norton probably can be attributed to the anti-incumbent movement we're seeing.

Obama and the Democratic party's support towards Bennet may help in the primary, but will sure hurt him in the General.

Norton is a real lousy candidate btw...