Monday, December 28, 2009

Buy local, eat like a Russian

Good magazine wants to encourage people to buy foods grown locally, and they've produced this handy chart to help:

There are lots of good reasons to be a locavore, especially if you live in California.  If you live in Colorado, however, the only edible crop during the winter appears to be potatoes.  In the spring you can make a lovely potato and peach salad.  Woo hoo!

At least, I assume they're talking about Colorado.  It's hard to tell, since they've highlighted Wyoming on the map.

(h/t Ezra)


Anonymous said...

Wasn't "Eat Like a Russian" one of the long series of "Verb Like a Nationality" songs released in the late 90s during the Bangles' comeback attempts?

Seth said...

Yeah. I was a big fan of "Flense Like a Norwegian," but "Organize Like a German" felt forced.