Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Romanoff's new campaign manager

Andrew Romanoff has hired Bill Romjue, a veteran of tons of Democratic campaigns (and also a veteran), as his campaign manager. A commenter at ColoradoPols digs up Romjue's bio:
Campaign manager on Dina Titus' gubernatorial campaign in Nevada during Fall 2006; earlier in 2006 was campaign manager on Bill Halter for Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas;

Ran John Edwards' primary campaign for U.S. Senate, 1998.

Managed the North Carolina campaigns for Clinton-Gore through the Coordinated Campaign.

Chief of staff to Rep. Dick Gephardt, planned and developed his 1988 presidential campaign, ran his political action committee, the Committee for Effective Government, starting in 1985, and served as his national political director.

Started working for Sen. Gart Hart in Iowa in the latter part of 1982, put together Hart's Iowa caucus campaign, was Midwest director on the presidential campaign, then deputy national campaign manager.

Finance director in Bob Kerrey's 1982 campaign for Governor of Nebraska.

State coordinator for the Carter-Mondale 1980 Iowa caucus campaign, and later deputy national field director.

Managed Chuck Robb for Lt. Gov. of Virginia in 1977.

Organizer in more than half a dozen states for the Carter-Mondale ticket in 1976.
More recently, he managed Joe Biden's Iowa campaign in 2008. Well, that's definitely experience, although it's hard not to notice that most of these campaigns were unsuccessful. Now that's not necessarily a bad thing. A campaign manager can run up an impressive win-loss ratio by only taking easy campaigns, and Romjue clearly doesn't go that route. He's not afraid of a difficult fight. On the other hand, it might be possible to read too much into this hire. As ColoradoPols writes,
This is a sign that perhaps Romanoff is getting things together enough for a real race, because it's hard to imagine that Romjue would uproot from Missouri just to lead a campaign that might sputter out in a few months.
I think Romjue's résumé speaks exactly the opposite. He has a history of uprooting for unsuccessful campaigns. But we'll see. Romanoff, for all his experience, doesn't have many serious primary battles under his belt, and Romjue might provide some needed perspective there.

[Disclosure: I am a Romanoff supporter.]

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