Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First dispatch from Nebraska

I am in Lincoln, Nebraska right now conducting interviews about the nonpartisan state legislature here. It is currently 8 degrees Fahrenheit with blowing snow, and the conditions are considerably better than those I left behind in Denver. The legislators have all shown up for work, although several are surprised I made it out of Colorado.

One curious thing to report so far: Despite lacking parties since the 1930s, the legislative chamber does, in fact, have an aisle (see photo at left). I'm not sure yet who sits on which side, or whether the aisle itself migrates between roll call votes.

Due to weather conditions, I'm trying to spend as much time as possible inside the capitol building. I hope that doesn't end up skewing my results. So far, I can report that the officials I've met with have been very pleasant and accommodating, and they are extremely enamored of the chamber's nonpartisan tradition. I'm also pleased to note that the building has free public wi-fi, ample heat, and no security screening, making it one of the most welcoming capitols I've had the pleasure to visit.

I'm being told I need to try a runza, which is Lincoln's culinary claim to fame. I'm looking.

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phat said...

What, you're in Lincoln? huh... There are much better places to eat than Runza. Try Dish downtown, or Billy's, just a couple blocks from the Capitol.